Hot Business ideas in Nigeria right now.

Discover profitable business ideas you can start in Nigeria today and make money.

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With the situation of things right now in this country, the best favour you can do yourself is to get a high paying job or a high-income business.

If not, poverty is at the door.

But wait!

Are there new job openings in Nigeria anymore? 

The answer is yes, but submit your CV and try your luck. 

You will either find out that the pay is too low for your class or the big giants have occupied the positions through connections or whatever.


Should you start begging for bread?

No, the only way out is to start a business that people are willing to pay for. 

Please, take note, I am not a motivational writer, and in fact, I hate motivational writers. 

These ideas are not for you; if you are looking to become millionaires overnight. 

You must be ready to implement one of these business ideas. 

This post is just to open your eyes to hot and lucrative business ideas that are proven and tested. 

All of the business ideas listed on this list can make you millions. 

Trust me.

There is an 80% guarantee that these business ideas will make you a good amount of money. 

But, that is if you start, get the right location and also have the right mind.

This post is not something you will read and just drop without implementation. 

I did not even expect my enemy to do that. What is the reason of purchase the book with your hard-earned money in the first place?

Let me give you a shocking reality before we proceed. 

Ideas rule the world, but are there any new ideas for business anymore? 

Yes, you can come up with something new but be ready to risk your money, energy and time. 

With a new business idea, you can build an empire. But will you like to take that risk? That is even if you get that idea. 

The simple secret you can use to start making it right now is to look into a business that is in demand and improve on these business ideas. 

You may not have to start thinking of starting new ideas because even if you get new ideas that nobody has thought of, there is a chance that there is no market for those new ideas.

I have tested a lot of businesses with trials and errors. I don’t want others to go through this stress because it is not easy.

This is why I have compiled some business ideas that are very profitable to start right now. 

The most interesting part is that, even if you have little capital you can still start some of them. 

Trust me, there are many business ideas out there but the question is that; are they all lucrative and easy to start? 

You can search on google now for business ideas and see the results, you will even see 100 business ideas to start but wait! 

It is not all about the numbers after all, you need only one business that works. 

I have taken my time to test, research and compile some business ideas that you can start and make money from them in a short while.


Why are these business ideas worth your time?

This is just it.

To know a profitable business, inquire about those that are into the business already and also look at how demanding the product and services they are offering. 

Seriously, I have done the work for you. 

Just start any business that interests you among these and put in the hard work.  

The products that sell are products that people need more than they need their money e.g health solutions, food etc. 

My advice is to pick only one of these businesses and concentrate on it. 

Your budget and interest will determine the one you will go for anyways. Even with little capital, you can start one of these businesses.

So let us hold hands and dive in right away.

Lucrative business ideas in Nigeria right now

1. T-shirt design printing

2. Solar powered gadgets and accessories

3. Affiliate marketing

4. Cooking gas station

5. Computer training centre

6. Restaurant Business

7. Honey selling business

8. Photography/photo studio

9. Newborn baby boy wears

10. Graphics design & printing press

11. Pig Rearing 

12. Pos Business 

13. Selling of phone & accessories 

14. Sports viewing center 

Now, let’s go through them one after the other.

T-shirt design printing

I want you to do a simple experiment now before we proceed. Go to a nearby street right now before you come back for us to continue. 

But wait, this is what I want you to do; look around and count the number of people that are not wearing clothes. 

And not only that, take note of the number of people wearing T-shirts. 

If you do this experiment. You will notice that people love T-shirts so much.

Here in Nigeria, T-shirts are used for occasions, publications and personal use. 

I must tell you, t-shirt design is a lucrative business to start right now. Have you ever heard that recession stops religious institutions and schools from doing publicity or wearing uniforms? No people will continue to buy t-shirts.

Just get a shop in a busy area and see how people will rush you. 

What if you don’t have the necessary skills or you don’t have enough capital to buy equipment? You can learn the basics and partner with people to get the job done for you. 

You can learn on the go and also save some part of your profit to buy equipment and expand. 

Your target should be churches, clubs and schools. Once you close the deal, you can give the work out and share the profit. 

Solar-powered gadgets and accessories

One of our major problems in this country is electricity. If you don’t charge the device you are using to read this book right now, will you be able to read it?

The answer is capital No.

Just think about it; the fuel price is going higher every day, there is no stable power supply. 

Don’t you think this is a problem you can solve and make your profit? Solar energy has come to our rescue, it is left for any smart entrepreneur to take advantage of. 

There is enough sun to generate free power for us. It is time for you to start selling gadgets like lamps, mp3 etc., that use solar energy. 

You can even begin to install solar systems for companies, homes and small businesses.  

If you love this business line, this is the best time for you to start before it gets saturated.

Affiliate marketing 

This is a very lucrative online business you can start today. 

What is affiliate marketing? 

It is a process of selling other people’s products to the people that need them and then you get your share for your hard work.

You can start today and make money from it if you already have some audience online.

Let me take, for example, you are a football lover. Consciously or unconsciously, you will have some people that love football in your circle both online and offline. 

Now, you need money. 

What are you going to do?

It’s simple, tell them about an offer that will help their life. And recommend a place where they can get it online through your link.

Once they buy that offer, you will sometimes get up to 50% of the amount they paid for that offer.

Don’t be confused here.

You are solving their problem by recommending where they will get it and you get a commission. 

Simple. You are not investing in a Ponzi scheme.

You can pay an expert to teach you how to do it properly if you want to make it your full-time job.

Let’s go back to the analogy we used above about selling to football lovers.

Do you know that many football lovers love betting? 

Now, this is the only role you will be playing; Look for a deal/offer that the betting sites are offering and tell them about it eg. Betting predictions that work or any other offers out there. 

You can even start it anywhere with your mobile phone.

You don’t need to create a single product.

Your part is just to recommend a good offer to the right person that needs it.

You are not even selling because the company you are sending them to will do the background work for you and you will still make your money. 

This business is very simple if you are serious about it.

It is also best for people that have a blog, youtube channels or you are just somehow popular on social media.

Let me tell you the idea behind this business;

Many people or companies have a product/offer that solves people’s problems and people need them. 

But they need more people to buy that offer. The best way to get people to buy it is to leverage trust. 

I will explain. 

Do you know that if Ronaldo recommends his fans to buy Nike shoes today, many of them will rush and buy them?


It’s because they love and trust Ronaldo. 

Even you! You have some people you influence either online or offline. 

What are people coming to meet you for when they want to buy?

For me, it is laptop, phone, web hosting and domain. 

I will tell them the one I trust and tell them to buy through my affiliate link.

Now, tell me the work I have done now? I only recommended something to someone.  

They may not question me. Why? Because they already trust me.

Can you get it now?

Starting an affiliate business is almost free. You will only invest in upgrading your skill if you love this business in the long run and want to make millions from it.


How can you start this business?

The first step is to look at your existing audience or the best type of people you can attract. 

You can start with the people that ask for information from you. Don’t worry about having thousands of audience yet. 

You can get more audience by teaching or giving certain kinds of people value. 

Start with the little audience you have.

But if you don’t have an audience at all, you can advertise whatever offer you are promoting on social media and still make your profit. 

So how can you get started?

You can check the companies you buy from, to know if they offer affiliate programs. 


Join an affiliate network like paystub affiliate where you can find and choose hot selling offers from. 

Paysub affiliate network is free to join and their products are already optimized to sell fast. 

To crown it all. products are digital products that the person that buys it will get access to it almost instantly.

For example, someone come and meet you that he/she wants to learn web design, you can recommend a good web design training course to him from paysub.

Don’t forget that you have just helped him/her to get a better place to get what he/she wants. 

And you are going to get a 50% commission for just doing that. 

Do you know that you are doing affiliate marketing already? 


It is just that you are not getting paid for it because you are not doing it as a business. Think about it. 

Cooking gas station

You can not deny this fact, cooking with gas is faster and that is what homes, students and restaurants are using to prepare their food in the city these days. 

So who doesn’t eat?

Food is one of the primary needs of man. Even if people don’t have money to refill their cylinder, they just have to borrow. 

Can you now see the need for this business? 

You can look for a rushing street and open your gas station. This is what I use and I know how important it is. 

If gas finishes in a home, it is just like a bad thing just came upon them because that is serious hunger on the way. 

Computer training center

As you already know; we are in a computer age. Everyone wants to meet up with the trend by learning computer skills to land a job, perform well in school or even open a computer center. 

You can open a computer center in the town and start offering them paid training for Microsoft word office, excel, PowerPoint etc. 

Even if you don’t have the skills, you can learn them or hire people to train them. 

You can start by using your pc then use the money you collect from the students to get more computers. 

One thing I am sure of is that you will make a lot of money if you open the shop in a good location. 

I have undergone this kind of training before and I know how much they charge me for just three months. 

I can’t stop emphasising this, it is very lucrative. 

I don’t like hyping things, but I can tell you once again that opening a computer training center is just too lucrative. 

One thing I love so much about this business is that; it is not a business that will stress you. 

People love acquiring knowledge and what many people want to learn these days are things related to computer operating because it helps in many ways. 

Restaurant Business

No matter how man must eat. It is a requirement for living. Are you a lady that can cook very well? 

You can start a small restaurant by the roadside and grow it from there. This is one of the business ideas that can never fade away. 

Just notice this fact that man must eat, no matter how. 

It is just like nature working to bring you, customers. Hunger is natural. Everyone gets hungry and the solution to hunger is food. 

Isn’t it?

Food is man’s basic need. Start this business today if it interests you. 

Many people are too busy to cook, so they just enter a restaurant and buy fast food that will satisfy their hunger at that moment.

You don’t need to have too much capital to start this business. 

You can start and expand in the long run.  

But if you can’t cook very well, try and learn or hire someone to do the cooking for you.

Honey selling business

You will notice that adults in Nigeria are warned not to consume much sugar due to widespread diabetes. 

But this does not mean they do not still crave sweet things which leave them with no option but to start taking honey as an alternative. 

This business will continue to be profitable because it is demanding. 

You can start buying pure honey from farms, package them and resell.

Honey is also used in treating some illnesses and you know what that means. 

Honey doesn’t easily spoil so the risk of loss is not much. That is one thing I like about this business.

Tell me who doesn’t like honey and I will show you thousands of people that are looking for it.

All you have to do is to look for a farm to buy pure honey and sell it in the cities. 

Once people know that your honey is not fake, they will keep on referring people to you. 

But please, if you want to grow in this business, you need to be honest. Don’t sell fake honey to people if not you will run out of business fast.

As time goes on, you can learn how to farm honey by yourself. 

Photography/photo studio

Helping people to capture their good moments for memories is a hot business today.

One thing I want you to know is that you will love this business because you will go to places and trust me, the places you will go are places of jubilations e.g wedding, religious occasion, matriculations, graduation etc.

You can also combine the photography with a photo studio. Ladies and gentlemen now want to post good moments on social media. 

Everyone wants a clean picture for their social media profiles and cover page.

This business is profitable and it will even give you a lot of opportunities. 

And to crown it all, it is a clean business for a noble person like you.

You can take a bold step to learn this business and start your own.

If you can afford a good camera and a small shop in a good location, money will not be your problem.

The newborn baby boy wears

Do you know the number of children that are born in a day? Can you imagine that the increase in the world’s population will turn into your own money generating machine?

No matter how poor parents are, they will always buy clothes for newborn babies. 

And one thing you should know is that you are selling something of joy.

This is a good business opportunity, especially for ladies. 

You can even expand and start selling things that are needed by moms to nurse babies. 

This business can not just fade away with time. This business will always sell no matter the season because giving birth is not affected by the weather.

Once someone is pregnant, they are already gathering money to come and buy from you. Think about this business and start if it interests you.

Graphics design & printing press

This is one of the top business ideas for people that like working using just their computer.

Look around, what do you see?

I believe you can see Flyers, packaged products or books?

Graphics design and printing presses are a hot business that can make you a good amount of money.

You can get even more than the jobs you can do if you know what you are doing and your business is located in the right place. 

I am personally into this business so I know how profitable it is. 

Though you need to spend some time learning design skills anyways.

Your main customers are churches, schools and small businesses.

Just make sure your location is in the right place.

No matter the season, you will still get customers. 

This business will not require you to sweat, you will just sit in front of your computer and design.

Let’s talk about how to get started with the graphics design business. Firstly, you need to get the skill by learning how to use simple graphic design software like Corel draw, photoshop or illustrator. 

You can start with your laptop only.

You will just take the job from your customers, design it and go to the nearest printing shop to print out your design.

Pig rearing

Any business that is related to food will always sell very well.

You can’t have a shortage of customers because people consume meat every day.

To crown it all, people love puck meat.

Let me tell you this;

A business that can never run out is a business that solves a basic need of man.

Tell me who doesn’t need food?

This is the business for you if you have some capital to start it.

You can later hire a graduate that is an expert in animal production to take care of it for you.

Pos Business

Technology has opened many doors of opportunities for us in this century.

Can you imagine yourself doing a business that is related to banking?

Even without studying a banking-related course.

The joy in it is that you are going to even be your boss.

Gone are the days that people queued in the bank just to perform every transaction.

Today, people have wised up and they now use pos for withdrawal and performing other transactions. 

Even with little capital, you can start this business. 

Just look for a good location and establish. Some people don’t even get a shop before starting. Just an open area is enough. 

You will be amazed to see the amount of money you will get from this business. 

Selling of phone & accessories

You are probably holding a phone right now, am I lying? 

Can you do without your phone in a month? Even if you can do without it, many people value their phone so much that they can’t do without it. 

Now, wait. Do you know that a new version of phones is going to be out?

Selling phones and accessories is one of the best businesses you can start in Nigeria and make a good amount of money.

Football viewing center

This is a hot business you can start in Nigeria today.

I am telling you. 

Youth love sports so much, especially football.

Having a football viewing center is going to fetch you a good amount of money.

Just have a good location and you will come and thank me later.


You have got it all. We have just discussed some tested and trusted business ideas that you can start in Nigeria right now. 

It is in your hands.

If you trivialise the information you have got from this book, I have done my part. 

This book is something to read and come back to read it again when you need it.

By now, I don’t think you still have to have any doubt again.

Look into these businesses and start one. I repeat; start only one and concentrate on it until you get the result you need.

And lastly and very important. Pray before going into each of these businesses.

 The end…